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Wire Partitions

The Proven Style of Today's Wire Partition

For over 35 years, Wire Crafters has manufactured what we feel is the "Very Best Woven Wire Partition." Contrary to traditional systems, our Style 840 is based on the simple idea that panels stack one on top of the other between tubular posts to reach the finished partition height. This all-welded, modular, stackable system has benefits unequaled in the industry.

SIMPLE Wire Crafters modular system utilizes twenty standard panels to accomplish nearly any layout. These panels simply bolt between posts. Drawings provided with each order make installation easy enough for your own personnel.

STRENGTH Panels bolt to posts which have welded base plates for direct anchoring to the floor; no brackets or shoes to come loose.

FAST The 840 system installs as fast or faster than any other system on the market. Our angle frame panels with slotted bolt holes give clear access to assembly hardware and allow fine tuning adjustments without compromising the strength of the installation. Our system does not require level floors and precise alignment like some hook and slot mounting systems.

TAMPER-PROOF Our 3/8" hardware - the heaviest in the industry - is inaccessible from the exterior of the partition, preventing intruders from disassembling the parts to gain access to secured items.

QUICK-SHIPPING Our continued commitment to customer service dictates that we maintain an inventory of stock size parts ready for shipment with 48 hours of receiving your order.

OPEN BUT SECURE The woven wire mesh construction provides a formidable barrier to intruders, while allowing the free passage of existing lighting, sprinkler, and ventilation systems.


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