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Our ValueWall™ is the industry's full-featured price leader.

This economical wall system is the industry's price leader; however, it offers all the great performance benefits you would expect from National Partitions.

What makes the Value Wall different?

The largest difference is in the finishes. The ValueWall™ uses a more economical vinyl surface for the wall panels which is limited to 3 standard colors. Furthermore, the components and trim are painted to match the wall surfaces rather using the TrueMatch™ finish found on the Premier Wall. Another difference is the ValueWall™ is not available with the 1-Hour Performance Core option... the end result is an attractive and economical wall system that can be used in most back office applications.


Available Colors:


Modular Buildings

Interchangeable walls are easy to replace or relocate without disturbing adjacent walls. Non-combustible 3" thick panels are built to keep sound out and heat in-1/2" vinyl-faced gypsum board is laminated to both sides of a polystyrene core. Color: khaki. Each wall is supported by two-piece aluminum posts, forming a concealed vertical raceway. Design allows electric, communication and data lines to be installed on both sides of the post. Color: khaki. Ceilings are suspended and have 2' x 4' white acoustical tiles. Door resists marring and is constructed of light oak vinyl hardboard with 1/4" tempered glass window. Door includes 18-ga. steel frame, ball bearing hinges and stainless steel key-in knob lock set. Steel roof deck is constructed of 22-ga. 1-1/2" deep ribbed painted steel for noise and dust control. Electrical package includes 2' x 4' recessed fluorescent light fixtures, light switch, duplex receptacles and load center with proper circuit breaker. Optional windows measure 4'W x 3'H, have 1/4" tempered safety glass and are assembled in the factory in extruded aluminum frames. Modular buildings ship knocked down with precut components and easy instructions. Other sizes available. Call for quote. Please submit a rough floor plan of area to be enclosed. Note overall measuremnets and door and panel locations. Call us for help if needed. FACTORY QUICK SHIP-

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