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Plastic Shelving

Shelving, Polymer (MetroMax)

Now featuring MICROBAN Antimicrobial Product Protection! Microban Antimicrobial technology, built into the removable polymer mats, inhibits the growth of bacteria, molds, mildew, and fungi that cause odors, stains, and product degradation. Your shelving will be cleaner between cleanings!

These MetroMax Shelves come complete with frame, open-grid or solid shelf mat, and four wedge connectors. Constructed of polymer and Type 304 stainless steel.

MetroMax Outgassing Characteristics
A comprehensive evaluation of the polymers used in the MetroMax Shelving System, conducted with respect to ASTM D-595 and NASA SP-R-0022A standards, has determined the Collected Volatile Condensable Material (CVCM) is less than 0.08%. As there is no standard for interpreting the data for uses in Cleanrooms or Clean Areas, since Federal Standard 209E does not directly address the requirements for outgassing or the contribution of outgassing to Cleanroom classification, the results indicate the tendency for the MetroMax Shelving system to exude volatiles is relatively low, and should not contribute significantly to the airborne particulate contamination of a Cleanroom or Clean Area.

ESD Classification: Non-conductive.

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